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FALL 2024 Recreational Registration

Fall 2024 Recreational Registration

  • On-Time registration ends July 7, 2024
  • $25 Late registration begins July 8, 2024


Coaches will need to create a new coaches account, register and complete a new background check after June 1st each year.  See the bottom of the page for the Coach Registration information and link.


U4 through U19 Registration

GotSport is a brand new platform, you will need to sign up with an Email/User ID. Your current GotSoccer user name and password will not work.

GotSport es una nueva plataforma, deberá registrarse con un correo electrónico / ID de usuario. Su nombre de usuario y contraseña actuales de GotSoccer no funcionarán. 

  • On-Time Registration ends July 7th
  • GLASA offers a $25 discount for players on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.   Email letter from school district to in order to receive discount code prior to completing the registration. LIMIT of 2 discounts per family, due to new sibling discount.
  • SIBLING DISCOUNTS-After 2 players have registered, 3rd player will receive 50% off and 4th player will be free.  
  • $25 Late registration begins July 8, 2024.
  • GLASA WILL NOT guarantee a spot on a team during late registration
  • Players are placed in date order of registration.
  • Returning players that register during late registration (after July 7th) are not guaranteed to return to their team
  • Registration fees that are not paid in full prior to player pool will result in the player being removed from their team or not placed on a team
  • Season start date for the U4 - U149 Fall season is scheduled for September 7, 2024
  • Some age groups will play against teams from The Colony, Little Elm, Coppell, Carrollton, Corinth and Denton. You may have away games on their fields.
  • Games are typically scheduled on Saturdays, but games can and will be scheduled during the week or Sunday if necessary due to field availability. 
  • U4-U6 will have an 8-game schedule.
  • Play with a friend, team requests and Play Up requests are not guaranteed due to roster limitations and previous participation.
  • Practice location, times and day are determined by the coach.




1.  Jewelry is NOT allowed. For the safety of all players, all items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings) are not allowed and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewelry is not allowed. 

2. Ball - Every player should have their own ball.

  • U4 thru U8 groups - Size 3
  • U9 thru U12 groups - Size 4
  • U13 and over groups - Size 5

3.  Shinguards:   Mandatory and required for all practices and games.

4.  Shoes:  Soccer cleats  must be worn by all players. All footwear must be of soft toe and have no metal studs (screw-ins) or any other exposed metal. Baseball cleats are not allowed.

5.  Water Bottle:  Players should have a water bottle at all practices and games.  Insulated is best

6.  Uniforms: 

  • U4 thru U8 - Kits are provided for all registered players in the Fall and are to be used again for the following Spring season.
  • U9 thru U19 - Uniforms are chosen by the Coach and will be an ADDED expense for the parents.
  • Uniforms kits are:
    • Jersey-short or long sleeve
    • Shorts- 
      • Boys-6 1/2 " inseam
      • Girls-5 " inseam
    • Athletic Socks


Please read all instructions carefully!

New Players
New players will be placed on teams based on their calendar birth year. Requests to "Play up" will be considered based on roster availability and a completed "Play-Up" form completion.

Play Up
Players may only play up a maximum of two years once they qualify for the minimum age to play soccer. Play Up requests are not guaranteed, all players in requested age must be placed prior to Play Up requests being granted.  You will need to complete a play up form and email to GLASA office at the time of registration. 

Where to Register
Please click on the appropriate registration link below.  You will be taken to our registration page.  Please follow the instructions online to register.  If you do not have access to a computer,  you may register on-line at the GLASA office.

Proper payment - Please see player's age group fee schedule below. If playing in an older age bracket, please pay the fees for the age bracket you will playing in.

  1. From home - register on-line and pay by credit card.
  2. GLASA office - GLASA has computers in the front of the office for registration.


Special Requests

  1. Players may request to play with a friend.  Requests to "Play with a Friend" are subject to roster availability on the friends' team.
  2. Special requests will only be accepted from a parent and must be in writing and received by registration deadline.  The request will be reviewed by the GLASA Executive Committee.   All Special Requests must be sent via email to

New Players
New players must register on-line or in person at the GLASA office.  A copy of your child's official, government issued birth certificate (not hospital certificate) or passport must be emailed or dropped off to the GLASA office.  All birth certificates must be in the GLASA office by the registration deadline in order for the player to be placed on a team. Players with foreign birth certificates may require additional paperwork. EMAIL TO

Returning Players to the Player Pool
Any returning player that does not want to return to their team from the fall season may go into the player pool for their age group.  You will need to register to your age group and pick the "play on a different team".



Player Fee Schedule

Age Birth Year Resident Non-Resident
Under 4 (4v4) * 2021 $75+$30 ** $87+$30 **
Under 5 (4v4) 2020 $75+$30 ** $87+$30 **
Under 6 (4v4) 2019 $75+$30 ** $87+$30 **
Under 7 (4v4) 2018 $75+$30** $87+$30**
Under 8 (4v4) 2017 $75+$30** $87+$30**
Under 9 (7v7) 2016 $90 $102
Under 10 (7v7) 2015 $90 $102
Under 11 (9v9) 2014 $90 $102
Under 12 (9v9) 2013 $90 $102
Under 13 (11v11) 2012 $105 $117
Under 14 (11v11) 2011 $105 $117
Under 15 (11v11) 2010 $105 $117
Under 16 (11v11) 2009 $105 $117
Under 17 (11v11) 2008 $105 $117
Under 18 (11v11) 2007 $105 $117
Under 19 (11v11) 2006 $105 $117
Under 20 (11v11) 2005 $105 $117
  • Residents rate are for players living in Lewisville, Highland Village, and Flower Mound only
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • All returned checks will be assessed a $30.00 returned check fee
  • **Under 4 - Under 8 players will pay an extra $30.00 for a uniform.

Refund Policy


Team Formation Procedures

The GLASA Board of Directors will consider special requests.  Teams will be formed based on age and geographical "school" area if at all possible.  Players are placed on teams after the completion of registration.  All registrations are placed in date order of registration. There are three steps in the player placement process:

Special requests will only be accepted from a parent and must be in writing and received by registration deadline.  The request will be reviewed by the GLASA Executive Committee.  No car pooling, specific coach or team will be considered.  All Special Requests must be sent via email to

No player can request a specific team or coach.

  1. Returning players
    • Returning players get first priority
    • They can return to the team they played with the previous season or can go back into the player pool
  2. New Players
    • Players may request to play with a friend if they have never registered with an association but placement with the requested team is not guaranteed due to existing roster sizes and returning players.
  3. New players must go through a blind player pool draw.
    • Player Pool (includes new players and players requesting a new team)
    • Placement takes place immediately after the on-time registration deadline
    • Players will be placed on teams through a blind draw
    • Every attempt is made for the draw to be based on geographical "school" area but this can not be guaranteed
    • The number of open spots on existing teams and the number of new teams formed affect team placement
    • Registrations are placed in date of order of registration.


Coach Registration



All team Coaches, Asst. Coaches and Managers must complete a yearly Registration, Background Check and SAFE SPORT CERTIFICATION before they can be placed on a roster for the Fall 2024 season. 

NTSSA Adult Criminal Background Checks (All background checks expire at midnight on May 31)

NTSSA Rule 3.6.1, sets the following deadline regarding adult volunteers:

1. Every person over the age of seventeen (17), who at any time could be expected in the performance of their duties to be alone with any registered youth player, must in the manner prescribed by current NTSSA procedures, annually provide the necessary information required by NTSSA so that a Criminal Background Check may be obtained. By their participation, Adult Volunteers agree and consent to having Criminal Background Checks performed as deemed necessary by NTSSA.

2. For purposes of this procedure, at a minimum, all coaches, assistant coaches, managers, trainers, referees, volunteer administrators, board members, and staff/employees are included. Others may be included if they may be alone with registered youth players.

NTSSA SafeSport Certification (All Safe Sport certifications expire at midnight on May 31.)

On February 14, 2018 the President signed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, which is aimed at protecting amateur athletes from sexual abuse. Every person age eighteen (18) and above who at any time could be expected in the performance of their duties be around any registered youth player, must complete the SafeSport Certification. This is mandatory to be placed on a youth roster as a coach, assistant coach, manager, or trainer. If a player on a youth team turns 18 during the current soccer year, they do not have to complete Safe Sport during that current soccer year. Also, any board member of an Adult Member Association is required to have SafeSport Certification

Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Coach and Manager Registration