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Joining GLASA GameOfficials

  1. Launch your favorite browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login
  4. Change Identity to “Official” if required
  5. Click “My Assignors” in the Personal Info section on upper left hand side of page
  6. Click “Show” in the “Join New Group” section
  7. Enter “1335” in the Group/Assignor Number textbox
  8. Enter “0113” in the Group Access Code textbox
  9. Click “Join Group” button

Once you are part of Group, make sure to update your SSN. This is a requirement to work in GLASA.

Setting up Availability in GameOfficials

Setting your availability in Game Officials is the most important thing you can do to assure you get games. If you have questions about the process please watch the following video and if you still have questions contact Daniel Nunez.

Setting up GoPay in Game Officials

One the most asked questions is how do I get paid for the games I work for GLASA. GLASA pays it’s Referee through the GoPay service offered through Game Officials. Once you have your GLASA Game Officials account set up be sure to complete the GoPay section to have your pay either auto deposited to your bank account or you can have a check mailed to you. The following video will take you through the setup process if you have any questions.

All Referees working in GLASA must have filled out and submitted a W-9 form to the GLASA office before their pay will be released through GoPay.  A W-9 may be obtained from the GLASA office or by Clicking Here

Instructions for Recertification Registration

If you have any questions on how to register for the re-certification exams please take a look at the video below.  If you still have questions, contact Daniel Nunez.

Advice to Parents of New Referees


The link below has some excellent advice for you as parents of new referees.  We recommend you spend a few minutes and review the video and look around the US Soccer Referee website, North Texas State Soccer Association website and of course ours (GLASA).

GLASA strongly recommends that if you future referee student is already 13 or older, he or she should attend the Grade 8 Basic Referee Clinic.  In the soccer referee world, “grade” refers to referee license, not academic level.

Please review the link below for more information.

Advice to Parents of New Referees

Get Your Bag Ready!

It’s almost game time!  Get your bag ready!

  • Referee Uniform (with mostly black shoes)
  • Badge
  • Whistle
  • Flags
  • Referee Wallet
  • Pencils, Pens, and Paper for keeping score, writing reports
  • Wrist watches
  • Alternate jerseys, extra socks
  • Sunblock
  • Water for game day

Check the weather before you come out and be prepare for the forecast.  It looks like this weekend Sunblock will be in order.