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Coaches Information

Coach Registration

Coaches, please register here, to complete coaches registration and the online risk management form in order for your coaches registration to be complete. Coaches registrations and background checks are valid June 1, 2020 until May 31, 2021.  

Background Check Instructions

  1. Click on User Login
  2. Enter your Username and password you created when you registered, if you have not registered yet, create your account now.
  3. Complete coaches registration.
  4. Complete background check.


Starting with the Fall 2019 season, NORTH TEXAS SOCCER will now require all Coaches, Managers, Administrators, Volunteers, Employees and Referees to complete the SafeSport certification.  GLASA is also requiring the Concussion Training. 

The Safe Sport certifications and  background checks  expired at the end of May.  Both must be completed annually , and both expire for everyone at the same time.  All  adults  listed on  youth  rosters , as well as administrators, volunteers, and employees  need to  do their background checks , and  either do their  original  Safe Sport training ,  or their refresher course  (a 15 minute  quick refresher) ,  before the fall season begins .     

Online awareness/prevention training is available at no cost to North Texas State Soccer Association Coaches, Managers and Team Contacts through the U.S. Center for SafeSport and consists of three (3) training modules, which include: 

  •  Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education 
  •  Mandatory Reporting
  •  Emotional and Physical Misconduct

When you log in to your GotSoccer Coaches/Team Official account the SafeSport and Concussion Tabs show up.  

Click on the SafeSport to start course, create your log in and complete the training.  MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME EMAIL AND NAME USED ON THE COACHES/TEAM OFFICIAL ACCOUNT.

Once completed you can print out a certificate.

Next, click on Heads Up Concussion box.  You will complete the concussion training here.  Once again after completion print certificate.

Once you have completed the training and received your certificates we will be able to add you to the roster.

Please email the certificates to




Coaches Cards

All coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must have their coaches card visible to be on the sidelines.   You will be asked for your card if our referees can not see them.   It is the policy of North Texas State Soccer and their affiliates that only people with these valid North Texas ID Cards be allowed on the sidelines during games and practices.

We suggest that should you be the only coach listed on the roster that you designate another parent as assistant or team manger and have them fill out the background paperwork as we realize there will times that you may not be able to be at all games.

The purpose of the coaches card is to show everyone that you have passed a background check prior to working with children.

Printing Coaches cards--Log into Coaches account and click on Background Check.