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Lightning Procedure

People on open sports fields are at higher risk for lightning strikes. Sports fields are dangerous because they are large open areas. Sports fields also have metal bleachers, fences, light poles, soccer goals, and goal posts that attract lightning. When lightning hits these objects, its charge travels along the object shocking anyone who is touching it. Lightning can bounce off any of these objects and strike people nearby. Lightning can also travel through moist soils for dozens of feet.

The following lightning policy has been implemented and is enforced by GLASA for your safety:

  • Stay tuned to local weather forecasts and radar if thunderstorms are predicted.
  • Once the Lightning detection system senses conditions that favor lightning,
  • When the Lightning Detection warning (single long blast) is sounded, suspend all practices and games and seek shelter immediately in your car in the parking lot until the all-clear signal is heard. (3 blasts)
  • Stay away from metal including fencing, bleachers, flagpoles, dugouts, sheds, and goals.  Avoid high places, open areas, overhead wires and power lines, telephones and cellular phones, radios, isolated trees, picnic shelters, golf carts, or any type of standing water.
  • If you are outside, the interior of a car, truck, or bus with a metal roof and the windows closed is relatively safe from lightning. To be safe, do not touch the metal on the inside of the vehicle.
  • If you feel your hair suddenly stand on end, it means you may be a lightning target. Crouch low on the balls of your feet and try not to touch the ground with your knees or hands.
  • Anyone not following these guidelines when the Lightning Detectors is activated and remains outdoors or in an inappropriate area or shelter will do so at their own risk.
  • Once the all-clear signal sounds, activities can proceed.
  • If your game has started the second half it will be considered complete if no All Clear signal sounds prior to the scheduled start of the following game.

Lightning Detectors help assess the threat for lightning. Neither the warning nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe. If the weather is threatening and no warning signal is heard or seen, use good judgment and clear the sports field immediately. Do not wait for the warning signal to activate, as the systems can malfunction. While the system is not infallible, common sense should still be followed.

Weather Policy

GLASA does not cancel any games due to heat related weather, however if the temperature is over 90 we will automatically add a water break for all U9 and above games. U4-U8 games have short enough quarters, water breaks should not be necessary but can be requested by the coaches.  No substitutions are allowed during water breaks for U4-U8.

GLASA does not cancel games due to cold related weather, however you should always dress your players for the conditions. For GLASA soccer you can wear any outwear necessary as long as the jersey remains the top garment.

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