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Adult League

Adult League registration is now open!!

  • Adult Player Registration
  • Registration opens June 9th, 2021
  • GLASA WILL NOT guarantee a spot on a team
  • All adult players must be over the age of 18.


GLASA is excited to announce a new 7v7 Men's League on Friday nights starting this fall, in partnership with Coppell Youth Soccer!

The Men's League will be open to men ages 20+ and GLASA teams will play home games at Chinn Chapel in Flower Mound and away games at Wagon Wheel Park in Coppell.

Co-Ed league will play on Sunday, new format 11v11.

The CO-ED League will open to men ages 26+ and women open ages. GLASA teams will play home games at Chinn Chapel in Flower Mound and away games at Wagon Wheel Park in Coppell.


-10 game season starts, Friday, Sept.10 and goes 10 straight Fridays.

-Maximum roster is 12.

-7v7 (6 field players plus goalkeeper)

-Played on 9v9 size fields

-Full referee crews

-25 minute halves

-Minimum age 20 yrs old (birth year must be 2001 or older)


CO-ED League

-10 game season starts Sept. 12 and goes 10 straight Sundays

-Maximum roster is 18


-Full Field

-Full Referee Crews

-40 Minute halves

-Minimum age is 26 yrs old for men(birth year must be 1996 or older) and Women is open must be 18 years old.

If you have already registered and want to change to the Men's league, please send an email to Adult League Commissioner, Jasmine Bardwell,

If you wish to not participate in the Friday or Sunday league, please let us know.


Register at GLASA Adult League Registration ! Bring a team or sign up as a free agent! Deadline to register is Aug.27.


Please read all instructions carefully!

Register Now

Please click on the registration link above.  You will be taken to our registration page.  Please follow the instructions online to register.  If you do not have access to a computer you may register on-line at the GLASA office.

Registration Fee - Season Cost is $75 per player, this includes all Referee Fees. (Other adult leagues are $85 per season and DO NOT include the Ref Fees which have to be paid at the field)

  1. From home - register on-line and pay by credit card or check.
  2. GLASA office - GLASA has two computers in the front of the office for registration.
  • No refunds given once you have been assigned to a team and the season has begun
  • Residents rate are for players living in Lewisville, Highland Village, and Flower Mound only
  • All returned checks will be assessed a $30.00 returned check fee

Special Requests

  1. Special requestsSpecial Requests will be considered for team placement by sending an email to the Adult Commissioner at

Playing Rules and FIFA Law Modifications Overview

All play will be governed by FIFA Laws of Play accept as modified in the GLASA Coed Playing Rules as available below:


Proper soccer equipment shall be used in all games, and is subject to inspection and rejection by the referee.

If a referee fails to appear, the game will be rescheduled. Should the referee becomes incapacitated during the game, he or she shall turn control over to the senior assistant referee assigned to the game as such, who shall conduct the game to its conclusion.

    1. The maximum number of players on the field at any one time shall be nine (9), one of the players must be designated as the goalkeeper. The number of males on the field (not counting the Goal Keeper) should not exceed five (5).
    2. Seven (7) players constitute a team at kick off time. One less player constitutes a forfeiture. After five (5) minutes from the properly scheduled game time, if both teams fail to field the minimum number of players, the game will be ruled a forfeit.
    3. Substitutions Rule - 
      a) At a throw in, by the team in possession or if the opposing team is substituting;
      b) Either team, at a Goal Kick;
      c) Either team, after a Goal is scored;
      d) Either team, at an injury when the referee stops the play;
      e) At halftime;
      f) When a caution (Yellow Card) is given, the cautioned player may be substituted for at Referee's discretion.
      g) At the discretion of the Referee

    1. Teams must wear a proper uniform during the regular season and in post season games. The home team shall change uniforms when both teams have similar colors. The first team listed on the game schedule is the home team.
    2. Proper uniform consists of like-colored shirt with appropriate number, shin guards and shoes meeting the standards set forth in the FIFA Laws of the Game or subsequent memoranda. (No toe cleat allowed) Each player shall have a number on the back of his jersey not less than four (4) inches high. No jewelry is allowed. Teams are allowed to put the team name on the front of the shirt but no player names are allowed on uniforms. Advertisement of sponsors will be allowed on shirts not to exceed 4 X 11 inches.
    3. Long sleeve shirts or sweat shirts may be worn under the uniform.
    4. Pants over shorts may be worn if approved by the referee on the field.
    5. Players with a hard cast may play if cast is cushioned and approved by Referee.

    1. No slide-tackling will be allowed by any player if contact is made with another player. (Yellow Card).
    2. Sliding is permitted to keep a ball in play unless there is another player playing the ball.
    3. while inside their own penalty area, the goalkeeper may goto ground and make a play on the ball with his/her hands, "tackling" the attacker, so long as it is not careless, reckless or with excessive force. The goalkeeper may not go into a challenge leading with the feet, as this is a slide tackle.

    1. Goal scored by a woman - 2 points, except for penalty kick.
    2. Goal scored by a man - 1 point.
    3. Penalty Kick- 1 point.
    4. An individual man will be limited to three scores in a game, any additional scores by will be considered void and will result in a goal kick.
    5. Free Kick can be taken by any player.
    6. Own goals- 1 point (regardless of sex)
    7. After goal is scored the referee shall determine, and clearly indicate, the point value of the goal before play resumes.