Competitive Team Registration Information

Greater Lewisville Area Soccer Association (GLASA) accepts competitive teams requesting to our association as their home association.

Competitive team registration is completed online only through Got Soccer at the following link:

REGISTER NOW for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018.

Once online registration is complete, please call or email the GLASA Competitive Registrar for an appointment.  Bring all of the required paperwork to the appointment and final roster and travel cards will be issued at that time.

Denice Malone
(972) 221-4623

Please bring all of the required paperwork to the appointment.  Links to all of the required forms are listed below.


Annual Registration Fees:
  • $20.00 per player
  • $5.00 per coach/manager
  • Registration for the competitive season opens July 1st

Paperwork Required to Register a Competitive Team

  • NTSSA Non-Recreational Competitive Team Roster
    Names listed in alphabetical order.  Do not include players that have incomplete information.
  • USYSA membership form
    For each player, signatures required.
  • Fact Sheet
    Include all 3 pages of signature sheets even if every page has not been used.  Coach signature on last page required.
  • Government issued birth certificates for all players: (Some rules apply to international birth certificates - see NTSSA rules)

Information on Roster Changes

  • All roster changes require completion of Add/Transfer/Delete form.
  • Please allow 48 hours for roster changes to be complete.

Other Requirements

  • Fees are due at the time of registration.

Other Competitive Forms