Code of Conduct

Any person (player, parent, coach, referee, board member, volunteer, or any other individual) acting on behalf of or associated with GLASA is expected to conduct themselves appropriately and abide by this Code of Conduct.  All GLASA members have a responsibility to act and speak appropriately when representing our association.  At all GLASA sponsored activities, in and out of the state of Texas, the following code of conduct is in effect:
  1. GLASA members will refrain from participating in or encouraging any of the following:
    • Assault
    • Harassment
    • Racial or Religious Violence
    • Sexual Violence or Harassment
    • Taunting or Showboating
    • Vandalism
    • Drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco use
    • Gambling
    • Inappropriate language and/or actions
    • Providing false information
    • Harassment of other club officials, referees, coaches and/or players

  2. GLASA members will be an example of good sportsmanship to all players, coaches and parents, and address all players in a positive, encouraging manner

  3. GLASA members will respect and support all coaches, players and officials through words and actions

  4. GLASA members will view opponents as necessary friends that provide players the opportunity to participate

  5. GLASA members will abide by all established policies and decisions of the GLASA board of directors.  Steps that will be taken if a violation has occurred:
    • First offense - a meeting must take place with all involved persons and the GLASA Appeals and Discipline Committee.  Participation in all GLASA activities will cease until this meeting has occurred.  Punishment will be determined after this meeting has occurred.

    • Second offense - the person in violation will be suspended from any GLASA involvement for a period of time to be determined by the GLASA Appeals and Discipline Committee.  Any future return to GLASA involvement is not guaranteed but may be granted, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction.  Involvement will then be granted on a probationary basis.  Any violation during that probation period will result in permanent suspension from GLASA.

    • If an offense is severe in nature (extreme, violent and/or dangerous) GLASA reserves the right to move directly to the consequences of the second offense, after which a meeting may take place.