Special Requests

Special requests will only be accepted from a parent and must be in writing and received by registration deadline.  The request will be reviewed by the GLASA Executive Committee.  No car pooling, specific coach or team requests will be considered. "Play with a Friend" requests will be considered for players of all ages who have never been registered with an association within the last two years and are subject to team roster availability.  Special Requests may be sent via email to special.requests@glasasoccer.org.

NO CAR POOL / NEIGHBORHOOD requests will be considered,
it's against North Texas Soccer team formation rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does the season begin and end?
    The Fall 2016 season begins on Saturday, August 20, 2016.  End of the Fall 2016 season is October, 30 2016 for all age groups.

  2. GLASA will accept late player registrations until player pool July 6, 2016. After the player pool, late registration for any open age groups will continue until roster spots are filled or the season starts.

    Please note: GLASA MUST have a photocopy of your child's GOVERNMENT issued birth certificate within 48 hours of registration.  This is for all new players and players that did not play in the Spring 2016 season.  GLASA will not accept ANY new player registrations without a birth certificate.

  3. What does my child need in order to participate?
    Each player needs to have shin guards, soccer ball and soccer shoes in addition to the team uniform.  Uniforms will be selected by the team and the coach.  Parents are financially responsible for purchasing the uniforms unless a sponsor can be obtained to help offset the cost.  It is the team's discretion whether or not to obtain a sponsor.

    GLASA has no involvement with team sponsorship.  If you would like to sponsor your team, or know of someone who would, please discuss this with the coach.

  4. What times and days are there practices?
    Each individual team coach will set all practice days of the week and locations.  GLASA does not govern how many or how often teams practice.  As a general rule, most teams practice 1 to 2 nights per week.

  5. When and where are games?
    GLASA schedules games throughout the week and on weekends.  All age group teams will have BOTH weekend and weeknight games throughout the season.

    The U4 through U6 age groups will generally play games at the DoubleTree Ranch park in Highland Village.

    The U7 and U8 age groups will generally play games at Bakersfield Park in Flower Mound.

    The U9 through U10 age groups will generally play games at the Bob Wiseman Soccer Complex (Lake Park) and/or the Bakersfield Park.  These age groups may travel to nearby cities for games, for example Corinth or The Colony.

    The U11 through U14 age groups generally play games at the Railroad complex in Lewisville and Chinn Chapel complex in Flower Mound.  These age groups may travel to nearby cities for games including Corinth, Coppell, The Colony, little Elm or Carrollton.

    The U15-U19 age group, in addition to Saturday games, will have games on Sunday afternoons/evenings and do travel around the metroplex area for games. These age groups will be playing in the Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League (NMCSL).

    Note: GLASA may make field adjustments at any time based on the number of teams in each age bracket, weather related re-schedules, field availability, special events, black-out dates, etc.

  6. 50% Play Rule?
    GLASA is a RECREATIONAL soccer league and our rules REQUIRE Coaches to play every player on their roster 50% of EACH and EVERY game, regardless of skill or ability. Considerations toward playing OVER 50% of game time may include player's attendance at practices and other activities.

    If you have ANY questions contact your commissioner.

  7. What are the rules of my child's age group?  Rule Book
    The rules can be found in our GLASA rulebook.  Each coach should have a rulebook.  You may also find the rules online so that all parents can have access to it.  Basic Playing Rules can be found here

  8. Who do we contact if we have questions about the league?
    For all general questions, please ask your child's coach.  If they do not know, the coach should contact their age group commissioner.  Or you may call the GLASA office at (972) 221-4623 or email them at office@glasasoccer.org.  You may also check this website for more information.  All parents should go through these steps before trying to reach the President, Vice President, etc. If the coach and/or the commissioner have not helped you, please email or call another board member, or call the GLASA office.  The volunteers on the board do work out of their home, so please be patient when waiting for a return call or email.

  9. Field conditions
    Please check the GLASA website at http://www.glasasoccer.org or call (469)240-1600 for rain out information.  The office line will not be updated for weather information.

  10. Who are the coaches?
    Coaches are parents just like you who are volunteering their time.  Please support your coach and assistant coach.  They are volunteering their time to teach your kids soccer.  Most of them have full time jobs and do this because they love it.  Please note that we need one volunteer coach for every six children that register in Under 5 and Under 6.  If we do not get enough volunteer coaches, then we will not be able to place all the children.  Please consider coaching.

  11. Can I get my registration fee back if my child is not placed on the team he/she wanted to be on?
    GLASA has a NO REFUND policy.

  12. How do you place the children on teams?
    For all U7 through U19 players who register on-time, GLASA will attempt to place on a team. Returning players are eligible to return to their former team if desired AND if registering on-time. Failure to register by the registration deadline may cause returning players to lose their roster spot on their previous team. Returning players requesting a new team will be placed in the player pool for team assignment, along with new players. Assignment of players to teams will be completed based on registration date, with earlier registrations given priority. GLASA is a volunteer organization and cannot guarantee all players desiring to play soccer will be placed on a team unless there are enough coach volunteers to form teams. Parents are highly encouraged to volunteer for these positions. After on-time registration is complete, players requesting a new team and new players will go into a separate blind player pool for each age group. GLASA uses an automated computer program (Auto-Assign) to randomly place players on teams with open roster spots. GLASA will make every attempt to place players by geographical "school" area, but this cannot be guaranteed. Teams are formed according to the GLASA Feeder School chart.

    No current player, U7 and above, can request to play with a specific player, coach or team and will automatically be placed into the blind player pool draw - No exceptions! Only siblings are allowed to play together if they are in the same age group or want to play up one to two age groups.

    Teams desiring to play up in another age group are allowed up to 2 age groups, provided ALL players parents/guardians agree.

  13. Referees
    Please respect the officials before, during and after each game.  You may not agree with the decisions and calls made and there is a process for dealing with those issues.  Nothing is served by yelling at the referee or being upset, except you not being able to watch your child play (Please see the Code of Conduct).  If you have issues with the way a game was handled please talk it over with your coach.  If they agree there was a problem you should submit a complaint to the Director of Referees.  The Director of Referees' email is available on the website.  Every attempt is made to train the referees and assistant referees and they are required to attend clinics.  Please keep in mind that it is hard to find people willing to give up their Saturdays to referee soccer and most of the officials are young adults and will make some mistakes.

  14. You are responsible for your actions.
    If parents are yelling at officials from the sidelines, the team coach will be cautioned.  If the coach is ejected he/she will be suspended from the remainder of the game and the next scheduled game.  This is not beneficial for the parent, the coach or the team. Please show good sportsmanship at all times.  You are an example to the kids and we appreciate everyone's help to make this a great league.  For more information please refer to the Code of Conduct.

    As a parent/guardian, it is your sole responsibility to make playing decisions for your child, even if GLASA determines games will be played.  This includes weather related conditions such as rain, snow, cold weather, hot weather, wind, etc.  GLASA does maintain a Water Break Policy and a Lightning Condition Policy, which will both be utilized when necessary.

  15. Coaching from the sidelines.
    Parents please do not coach from the sidelines.  If you want to coach please sign up as a volunteer.

  16. Team Manager/Parent
    Please volunteer to help your coach in any way possible.  Each coach will need a team parent/manager.  This person will help establish and maintain a roster with additional information including mobile phone numbers and email addresses.  This information should ONLY be shared with members of that team.  This information is optional.  The team parent will also help notify other parents of change in practice, games and rainout information.  Please consider coordinating these activities for your team.  If you are team manager please fill out a risk management form and give to you commissioner.

  17. Where can I view GLASA Board of Directors meeting minutes?
    GLASA Board of Director meeting minutes are available upon request at the GLASA Office.