Coach Registration

Coaches, please register first with GLASA by clicking here, logout, then click here to complete the online risk management form in order for your coaches registration to be complete.

  1. Click on User Login
  2. Enter your Username and password you created when you registered
  3. Click on the gray bar that has a link to the background check
  4. Complete background check

Coaching Clinics

US Youth Soccer has changed the method of the majority of the coaching clinics. Beginning Spring 2013 US Youth will no longer be offering the "G" and "F" classes as in the past. These clinics have now been replaced with age specific clinics now referred to "U6-U8" and "U10-U12"

The new format will require the coaches to register for a "Field Session" to learn and show the actual techniques for coaching the age group. PRIOR TO THE "FIELD DAY" COACHES MUST SIGN UP FOR AND COMPLETE AN ON-LINE CLASSROOM PORTION OF THE CLINIC AND BRING THE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE TO THE "FIELD DAY".

All coaches need to bring a ball, appropriate footwear, water and be ready to participate in the on-field portion of the clinics during the "Field Day" portion of the training. All clinics will be held at the Bob Wiseman Soccer Complex Fieldhouse.

U6-U8 Clinics

  • Target Group: U6 through U8 Coaches
  • Course Overview: Child Development, Philosophy of Coaching, Role of Youth Coach, Laws of the game, Care/Prevention of Injury, and Fundamentals of 4 v 4
  • Field Day Session: Games and Activities
  • Course Materials: USYSA U6-U8 Online course completed prior to Field Day Session
  • Number of Hours of Course: 3 on field plus on-line study
  • Minimum Number of Participants: 25
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Clinic Fee: Free for GLASA coaches

U10-U12 Clinics

  • Target Group: U9+ Coaches
  • Course Overview: Philosophy of coaching, Identifying needs of players, Organization of practice, and Parent/Team management
  • Field Day Session: Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, Heading, Shooting, and Goalkeeping
  • Course Materials: USYSA U10-U12 Online course completed prior to Field Day Session
  • Number of Hours of Course: 6 on field plus on-line study
  • Minimum Number of Participants: 25
  • CLINIC FEE: $50.00 DUE AT REGISTRATION. (GLASA coaches will be refunded cost of clinic upon successful completion of the clinic)


To register for either the U6-U8 or the U10-U12 Clinics you will need to register through the US Youth Soccer Website:

  • Visit the NTSSA Coaches Education Website: CLICK HERE
  • Click the "Registration Link" and complete the Registration Form
  • Select the link for "Course Search"
  • There should be a box with available courses, click the link for the course you want to attend
  • Finish the registration making note of the "Field Training" date
  • For more information or questions contact Mark Grommesh at
Additional E and D Coaching Clinics are available through US Youth Soccer - For more information consult the "Clinic Calendar" on the North Texas Site by CLICKING HERE

Coaching Resources


To start here remember, you can go to and search for coaching youth soccer and receive many results. You can also use to do the same.

  • Baffled Parents Guide to Coaching Soccer (any of the series)
  • U6 & U8 Practice Activities for the Parent/Coach - US Youth Soccer
  • Soccer Calling: A Handbook for Youth Soccer Coaches
  • Success in Soccer: Modern Youth Training (The Complete Guide to Soccer for Kids)
  • Footability: Series 1 through 3
  • Simple Soccer: The Essential Techniques of Soccer
  • Simple Soccer: The Essential Coaching Guide for Coaches and Parents
  • Simple Soccer: 21 Fun Games and Drills
  • Really Bend it Like Beckham: Official Soccer Skills

Schedule Request Information

GLASA has grown so much over the years making it impossible to accommodate non-soccer related schedule conflicts.

GLASA will continue to work with those coaches who are the HEAD coach only for multiple teams.  The HEAD coach must fill out a coach conflict form which is located here on our website. Please email the completed form to all of the age group commissioners in which your teams play (email addresses are located on this website).

Once the schedulers have started the scheduling process you will no longer be able to submit the form.

GLASA Head Coach Conflict Form

Game Re-Schedule Request Information

GLASA will allow teams to make a re-scheduling request for games that conflict with a school or church function only AND when a team cannot be fielded.  The request must be submitted in writing via email to both your appropriate age group commissioner and the Boys or Girls league commissioner within two (2) full weeks prior to the game date.  If the request is made less than two full weeks from the game date the game will not be rescheduled.

The absence of the HEAD coach is NOT a valid re-schedule request and will not be honored.  For this reason, HEAD coaches are highly encouraged to have an assistant coach or manager on the team roster to avoid game forfeits.  For emergency coverage of coaching duties, you may request another registered GLASA coach or manager or GLASA board member to act on your behalf.

It is the coach’s or the manager’s responsibility to ask their schools for a calendar or check your schools website for upcoming events (ex. open house, PTA meetings, programs, sporting events etc.).

Coaches Cards

Effective March 3, 2007

All coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must have their coaches card visible to be on the sidelines.   We ask that you sign the back and laminate this card and display this card around your neck at every game.   You will be asked for your card if our referees can not see them.   It is the policy of North Texas State Soccer and their affiliates that only people with these valid North Texas ID Cards be allowed on the sidelines during games and practices.

We suggest that should you be the only coach listed on the roster that you designate another parent as assistant or team manger and have them fill out the background paperwork as we realize there will times that you may not be able to be at all games.

We thank each of you for your continued dedication and commitment to your players and this association.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

GLASA Executive Board